Give a year to God

In Leviticus 25: 1-7, 18-22 God commands the people of Israel, through Moses, to take one year in seven (the Sabbath Year) and give it to God. They were not to work in the fields that year, but were to trust God for such a harvest in the sixth year that they would be free in the seventh year to focus their attention on God. This is not a law for our times, but it may be a good idea to consider doing this at some point in your life. I took a year out to study theology in Canada and discovered a whole new direction for my life. It had the effect of uprooting me from the life I previously had, which made it easier for God to place me somewhere new. If the circumstances are right for you to do something like this I highly recommend it. Here are a few suggestions of what you could do. If you know of others please drop me a line and let me know about them using my contact page.


Most bible/theological colleges offer a one year course of study. If you don’t already have a degree then a one year certificate in theology would probably be what you’re looking for. If you have a degree (in any subject) then some colleges offer a Post Graduate Diploma in Theology. See my Bible Colleges page for links to Bible/theological colleges/seminaries around the world.

The School of Ministry at St Aldates church, Oxford, U.K.

Internship at St George’s church, Leeds, U.K.

The Oak Hall Year at Oak Hall, Otford, Kent, U.K.

Project Vienna a Baptist year out programme run in collaboration with the Austrian Baptist Union

If you are into drama here’s an opportunity Oddments Theatre Company.

…and here’s another drama opportunity with Riverside Performing Arts.

Apprenticeships can be found on the 9:38 web site.

There is also apprenticeships available with UCCF for undergraduates working with students.

Friends International offer one year apprenticeship working with international students in the U.K.

Christian Vocations has a database of one year job opportunities abroad.

IFES InterAction run one year programmes working with students in Europe.

Latin Link sends people on short-term missions to Latin America.

Join a Mercy Ship in different parts of the world as a short-term volunteer.

Tear Fund have a Gap year/Career break scheme called Transform for all ages.

Work or do an internship with the Catholic Worker Farm.

CMS offer opportunities to immerse yourself in another culture for a short term visit.

YWAM have a Year For God scheme with a six month mission trip to one of fifteen countries.

Opportunities for volunteers of all ages can be found on the Time for God web site.

If you want to work with youth you could do a year with the Christian charity Upcott.

If you are Roman Catholic, here are some gap year possibilities for you – the Jesuit Volunteer Community, the Vincentian Volunteers, and the Assumption Volunteers Programme.

Another great experience for some would be to spend a year in a L’Arche community. You don’t have to be of student age to do this. L’Arche UK, L’Arche Canada, L’Arche USA, L’Arche Australia, L’Arche World Wide.

In Europe there is The Bless Network which offers an internship for gap year students interested in mission.

For short term missionary experience try doing a gap year with OM or AIM or AWM or BMS or Crosslinks .

For three or nine months of spiritual formation how about the International Training Centre at Hautecombe Abbey in France.

If you were interested in working with people struggling with addiction you could do a Betel Internship for a year.

“As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world.” John 17 : 18