Lent course

Lent dates for 2023 – Eastern church begins Monday 27th February – Western church begins Wednesday 22nd February

This Lent course in Christian spirituality is intended as an introduction to some of the themes found in living the Christian spiritual life. Some of these themes might make us feel uncomfortable. For example, the theme of obedience. Our desire to be in control of every aspect of our own lives is often considered normal and good in today’s world. Yet, for those who have taken their pursuit of God seriously, it is clear that a willingness to be obedient to God is a necessary attitude if we are going to make progress on that journey. Jesus, himself, says that this is necessary (Luke 11 : 28, John 14 : 23) and makes it clear that he chose to live a life of obedience to his Father’s will (John 8 : 55).

So, to do this course, you need to approach these themes with an open mind and open heart. Each days video is a includes a short Bible reading and reflection. When the video ends, that is when you need to give time to your own reflection. So, before you listen to the video, pray that God will speak to you through it, and repeat that prayer when the video ends. What happens next will be between you and God.

Since the western Christian church (Catholic and Protestant) do Lent differently to the eastern Christian church (Coptic and Orthodox), I have created 2 versions of the same course. You can choose which one you want to do, but when you have decided, you need to stick to your choice for the course to make sense. Which ever you do, may God bless you as you take seriously the pursuit of the One who loves you deeply. Jesus promises us that those who truly seek God will find him (Matthew 7 : 7).



This course was written by me, Jonathan Walker, and I would like to give a huge ‘thank you’ to the many friends and family members who helped me put it together.