Explorer Course Recommendations

“The quality and depth of this course is excellent and it’s a fairly easy course so far to run – doesn’t take me much time to prepare and I am getting a lot out of it. Personal spirituality is the most important issue that needs developing in churches today and so I think your course is excellent. I will almost certainly be using it again in the future.”

Rev Simon Tillotson, Whitstable.

“I feel the course taught me more about prayer than I believed possible. How to sit in silence for however long I feel comfortable was new to me and still stands me in good stead. Our prayer group of three has grown to five which is very encouraging. Without the prayer 11 course we would not have even been three. We still meet on a regular basis and share our praise and prayer topics.”

Mrs Rosemary Tompsett, Pudsey.

“I found the course quite challenging but it answered a need in that I was looking for some insight and a way to develop my prayer life rather than just ‘going through the motions’.”

Mrs Brenda Pickard, Calverley.

“Prayer Eleven is an excellent way to have your relationship with God deepened by trying different aspects and approaches to prayer.”

Dr Daniel Mounce, Pudsey.

“I enjoyed the prayereleven course very much and I feel blessed in many ways for having attended the course. Although most of the areas covered were not completely new to me, I feel like something has been reborn in me and I feel excited about it. My prayer and spiritual journey and my inner relationship with God have deepened in the last 12 weeks and by His grace this will continue.”

Mrs Kezzie Medford, Pudsey.

“Thank you for a great course we have all grown closer to God by doing the course and we have a lot more different ways of drawing closer to God. I personally found it a very challenging course which deepened my own relationship with God in ways I hadn’t anticipated. This is a very easy course to lead and participate in, and the material is excellent.

Mrs Chris Harris, St Albans.

“Our group shared the leading of the course – it was so accessible as anyone could log on and find the material quickly and easily – it was easy to follow and a good mix of stories, exercises and information. We have really enjoyed it and recommended it to others.”

Mrs Nicola Robinson, Bottesford.

“I am a Reader and I hold a degree in theology. Even so running this course has been of great benefit to me personally and I will not hesitate in recommending it to everybody. It was certainly a challenge, but through it I have become much more aware of God’s presence in my everyday life.”

Mr Peter Richardson, Locking Castle, Weston-super-Mare.