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In the film, Gravity, Sandra Bullock’s character, Ryan Stone, finds herself in a desperate situation, stranded all alone in outer space. She is almost certainly about to die. She knows she needs help beyond herself. But she doesn’t know how to ask for it.

Currently there are three courses available on this website which relate to Christian prayer and spirituality.

This is a prayer course that has been created for individuals to do on their own. However, some groups have also done this course together and found it helpful. The whole course is made up of videos, so that for each lesson there is a Teaching video, an Exercise* video and an Encouragement video. Anyone can start the course when they are ready to do so, and can take as much time over doing it as it suits them to do. You do not need to enrol on the course.
*Note: The last lesson does not include an Exercise video.

This is a prayer course intended for church leaders to use to help their congregation grow in their knowledge and experience of prayer. It would normally be done over a period of eleven weeks, and each lesson opens up different aspects of prayer that have been practised across the Christian traditions. This course is designed to be led by one person (though some groups have had a different person lead each week) and there are exercises to do both in the lesson, and for homework.

Lent dates for 2021 – Eastern church begins Monday 15th March – Western church begins Wednesday 17th February

This is not a course on prayer. It is a simple course in Christian Spirituality – a subject which goes hand-in-hand with prayer. The course is made up of 40 videos which encourage reflection and prayer on spiritual issues. Whilst it is intended to be done during the period of Lent, in reality it can be done at any time.

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Michelle Eyre is the Chief Prayer Officer for the Discovering Prayer website which offers audio prayer and meditations for those who want to explore prayer more deeply.

Other online courses available on prayer

HTB Prayer Course

“If you want a life of prayer, the way to get it is by praying.” Thomas Merton