School of Christian Prayer


Welcome to the Prayer Eleven School of Christian Prayer. This is an internet school offering free courses in Christian prayer. In the future it is hoped these will be offered through the use of Moodle, where people from all over the world will be able to join together to learn about prayer and share their experiences, concerns and joys with others who are seeking God through prayer. For the moment we are only able to offer the following two courses:



Seekers through Prayer

This is a prayer course that individuals can download and go through on their own. It is based on the Lord’s Prayer, and there is a prayer exercise to do at the end of each lesson. Some house groups have done this course together and found it helpful. That’s great, but it was not the original intention behind the course, and I do hope to produce a course on prayer specifically for house groups in due course.


Explorers in Prayer

This is a prayer course intended for church leaders to use to help their congregation grow in their knowledge and experience of prayer. It would normally be done over a period of eleven weeks, and each lesson opens up different aspects of prayer that have been practised across the Christian traditions. This course is designed to be led by one person (though some groups have had a different person lead each week) and there are exercises to do both in the lesson, and for homework.


However, if you live somewhere near the city of Nottingham, in the United Kingdom, you may be able to enrol on the Explorers in Prayer course at the Nottingham School of Christian Prayer .

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“If you want a life of prayer, the way to get it is by praying.”  Thomas Merton