World Retreat Centres

View from a retreat centre in Israel

Here is a list of retreat centres around the world. For other Catholic retreat centres see the Catholic Retreat Houses website.

“In the prayerful silence of a retreat, we are listening and receptive. Such prayerful silence is more than the absence of noise, more than refraining from the spoken word. It invites us to an inner stillness, active and creative, fully open to the encounter with God.”

Margaret Guenther, The Practice of Prayer


L’Abri, Switzerland

L’Abri, Holland

L’Abri, Sweden

L’Abri, Germany

Taizé, France

Hacienda Los Olivos, Spain

South America

L’Abri, Brazil


Ibru Centre, Nigeria.

Mount Mulanje Christian Retreat Centre, Malawi

Carmel Christian Retreat Centre, South Africa

Middle East

Beit Immanuel, Tel Aviv, Israel

Beit Bracha, Migdal, Israel

Katafiyio Retreat House, Cyprus

Far East

Bethany Ministries, Hong Kong

L’Abri, Korea

The Juniper Tree, Thailand

The Well, Thailand