The Sound of Silence in Lent 2018

Time is precious to us.

There’s so much to do! We can really struggle to put any time aside for God. So this exercise is about giving 5 minutes of that precious time to God for each day of Lent. But this is not about having 5 minutes of prayer each day. It’s about having 5 minutes of silence, in which all we do is reflect and listen. Before starting the 5 minutes of silence I recommend reading a short passage from the Bible, and so I have included a 40 day Bible reading plan that takes you through the Gospel of John (see below).

Lent Bible reading plan for Western Christians (Roman Catholic/Protestant)
Lent Bible reading plan for Eastern Christians (Orthodox/Coptic)
*The two branches of the Christian church do Lent differently.

So, what to do with the five minutes?

This is not a time for making requests. It’s not a time for speaking your mind. It’s just a time for being in God’s presence and listening. You can reflect a bit on the Bible passage you’ve just read. God may want to speak to you through it. But essentially, see this time as a gift you are giving to God. Give God the freedom to speak to you if he wants to, or not speak to you if that is what he wants. One thing is for sure…the God who loves you will love the fact that you want to spend some time with him.

Additional thoughts:

  • You might like to light a candle when you have your time of silence. God is not in the fire (1 Kings 19:121 Kings 19:12
    English: Good News Bible (UK) - GNB-UK

    12 After the earthquake, there was a fire — but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire, there was the soft whisper of a voice.

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    )…but he has spoken out of the fire (Exodus 3:2Exodus 3:2
    English: Good News Bible (UK) - GNB-UK

    2 There the angel of the Lord appeared to him as a flame coming from the middle of a bush. Moses saw that the bush was on fire but that it was not burning up. :

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  • You can do this exercise on your own or with others (e.g. with your family).
  • If you’re including young children, or others who have very little experience of silence and stillness, you may want to start with one or two minutes each day and build up.